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Opportunistic Timeline

Impact on the Market

Due to our research we did gather that there are quite a lot of pill dispensers on the market, therefore, to make our product stand out we intend to add a customising tool that we can discuss with the consumer or the guardians. We will make sure it can accommodate larger pills and the labels are easier to read. We will also add a top of line voice recorder so the consumer can adjust the alarm to something they feel comfortable with. We understand that our item is new and do not expect rapid sales during the first week however during the first year we expect to a great turnover and incredible percentage of profits. We have taken a deep look into the market and targeted an audience that will make our product top of the line.

The Future

 The year 2021 will forever be discussed in history books as a year of many complexes and economic upheaval due to Covid-19. The target audience we are likely to rise attention to is people of older age that is why we have made sure that our product is the best in the business by a considerable margin. To do this we carried out a survey on Twitter asking “ Is a pill dispenser needed to assist carers/guardians?”. We gathered that 92% of the people said ‘Yes’, 6% of the people said, ‘I am not sure’ and 2% said ‘No’. We gathered from this survey that many people believe that their lives would become much easier once our item touches the market.