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Empathies - STEAM Challange

The manufacturing of the Pill Dispensers provides work, as we look to use 3D printing to make the base of the product, we would need a lot of engineers and factory workers to assemble the products. The product also provides economic growth of the healthcare industry as they save up to £300 million lost every year in the NHS. The saved money could be used in innovation and funding in other parts of the medical field such as new cancer treating equipment etc. We can provide continuous innovation in our product starting with using a raspberry pie that could be connected to an app for a remote-controlled product, that could change dispensing times and turn on/off the alarm. 

Define - Use Case

The purpose of the product is to allow patients to take their medication on time, in correct dosages. We will add an ultrasonic distance sensor to turn on red light if a dosage wasn’t taken. This then helps the carers/family understand whether or not the patient has taken their daily dosage of medication. This impacts positively on family and guardians as it eases tasks as the patient will be taking medication on their own. Taking daily medication will be made stress free. The product acknowledges inequalities because it can be applied to any medicinal cycle, even something as basic as antibiotic dosage. The body of the product, a box shape in customizable colours for easy recognition and simplistic design will be made by recycled plastic to help reduce emissions. The inside mechanism uses a micro servo motor to rotate and release each daily dosage. 

Ideate - Solutions

Each dispenser will be sold at the price of £40.00. However, the direct cost and production cost of each dispenser is £20.00 including overhead costs. Therefore, we are earning a profit of 100%. If all products are sold, then we will earn £10,000 from our start-up investment. This means the gross revenue is also £5,000 as well as gross margin being 100%. With these statistics, this helps us to solve how we could potentially overcome other pill dispensers that are currently being sold in the market, through the research we have done. This helps us to overcome and compete with competitors as we have used our finances to be more competitive.

Prototype - Application

My company Medix is developing a automatic pill dispenser. As a group we have come up with a way to reduce medical wastage from pill dosage. We have created an object that dispenses pills at a fixed time and dosage everyday.  This is a product used to enforce and encourage patients to actually take their dosages at the correct times and at the same time it helps to emphasise the importance of taking these pills. The company has put forward this new dispenser in the market in order to help and make everything one step easier for users, so that it is less complicated and the automatic pill dispenser helps to practically do the job for the patients, in terms of keeping on top of their daily pills that are necessary to be taken.