Pill Dispenser

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The customer for this particular product will be people who suffer from common disease that is associated when people enter the late stages of the lives. This disease is known as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. These horrible diseases can cause multiple symptoms the main ones being the ability to retain information and also the ability to remember things. This affects the cerebral cortex of your brain causing you to forget things. Hence my team has developed a product that is aimed to help people that suffer from these diseases this is a simple product which we have called a pill dispenser.  

UN Sustainable Goals

The purpose for this product and the goals are to be able to enforce and encourage pill intakes regularly and accordingly. With the automatic pill dispenser in place for patients this will allow almost a routine for users so that they are able to keep on top of their dosage. This will help increase health for users positively. Furthermore, for this to be a success and to reach that goal the products must be sold effectively to implement exposure of the product.